Unique database browsing tool
that gives the instant ability to data-mine literally to everyone.
Instant capability modification
DataFlyer 2 gives you an ability to get useful information out of your data instantly
Use all information contained in your company database efficiently and find new potential for your further development.
Identify "operational errors".
Save time spent in training sessions as well as money spent on database specialists.
With DataFlyer 2 data analyses is easier than ever before
DataFlyer 2 is so easy that you can perform data analysis which you wouldn’t previously even attempt to perform.
Data browsing will become an exciting game that will enable you to discover yet unsuspected connections and find new possibilities for their use.
Get all possible benefits of DataFlyer 2
Don't need to know HOW
Understand the context
DataFlyer 2 allows you to perform data analysis in the easiest way possible, and at the same time, provides access to your information in the database while maintaining interconnectivity at any level. DataFlyer 2 has an intuitive user interface which can be easily understood by anyone.
Don't need to know WHAT
Think naturally
DataFlyer 2 thinks the way you think. Instead of analysing the problem you are trying to solve, you can just define one particular representative agent from the set of required results. All other agents with the same required characteristics will be generated with just one click.
Don't need to know WHERE
Immediate association
In DataFlyer 2, all searched data, including values of connected relations, is displayed in a table. This means that there is no need to browse again or create more queries. The results of the search are ready for an immediate export. Data can be exported into .xls or .csv file format, and subsequently processed in Microsoft Excel.
"In our company, I am mainly in charge of managerial datamining and data analysis. A part of my job is to perform random database checking or create reports. These tasks can be quite time consuming and demanding if done using common tools for database management. With DataFlyer 2, I can manage it more easily with just a few mouse-clicks. Thanks to DataFlyer 2, I work more efficiently and I am able to produce immediate results"
Ing. Simona Pribik
Manager, Cerebra, s.r.o.
"A database containing data about sales provides a marketing manager with a valuable source of information. My job is to extract data from such databases and perform an in-depth analysis. Thanks to DataFlyer 2, I am able to get the data I need within much shorter time. DataFlyer 2 enabled me to discover previously unexplored patterns and find new business opportunities"
Ivana Svobodová
Trade Marketing Specialist, Teekanne
Features in Dataflyer 2
DataFlyer 2 is designed to support all most frequently used database systems.
Regardless of what system your company uses – MySQL,IBM DB2 or SQLite - DataFlyer may be added to any database and then will do the rest of the job for you.
Prior to version 2
  • search by relation •
  • query creation by clicking •
  • consolidation of multiple queries by one operator •
  • data export into .xls and .csv file formats •
  • preview of exported values •
  • supports 4 most frequently used database systems •
  • Flyer – viewing details of searched items including references •

New in version 2

  • completely new GUI
  • improved ergonomics
  • better UX
  • new system of help
  • welcome green with useful tips
  • web help after complete remake
  • support of long text


  • support of extra 6 database systems
  • improved connection dialogue
  • naming strategy - UpperCase, CamelCase, LowerCase
  • more sample databases
  • sample queries

Conditions & query

  • revised query repository
  • automatic saving of query to context
  • improved query creation
  • query input in textual form (HQL)
  • query combinations into a tree structure
  • conditions may be defined only by clicking on a particular attribute (inductive method)

Results table

  • direct view of exported values and selection of column display with attributes
  • selection of entities and “single relations” to be shown in a table
  • the order of columns may be changed using drag'n'drop
  • sorting by any column
  • calculation of derived values and aggregates – sum, average, number of elements
  • results are loaded gradually into an “infinite” table
  • refresh function


  • greater clarity
  • possibility to generalize conditions from multi-reference table
Plus a lot more…